Collaboration Store Review: Talever Dresses & Jumpsuit Fashion

by - agosto 27, 2018

Today I have a new collaboration with Talever Dresses, this unique store where you can find original clothes with unique designs. They have dresses and jumpsuits for all styles and tastes. This time I want to share some of my favorites. In this store you can find much more than sales, you can find reviews, special events, news and unique pieces of fashion. I will also show you some of my favorite items of this store, so hope ou like this post, let's begin!

Talever Dresses is a new fashion website with lots of evening wear jumpsuits and dresses for any occasion. They're so beautiful that it was hard to choose my faves. They have clothes just for this season and super trendy. I have not bought at this store, this post is just an introduction to this awesome store, hope you like it and like the dress selection I made.

Talever dresses online has clothes with style, colorful fabrics and modern designs. This store has great values, Talever embraces the empower of women and they're clothes encourage them to show who they are. Talever has a strong social responsibility not only with their customers, also with their employess, products and communities. "Talever believes that it is our social responsibility to give back and make a difference." They even use and purchase environmentally friendly fabrics in their clothes, such as cotton, linen, fiber, silk, recycled polyester, etc. 

They have awesome dresses and jumpsuits for every occasion and surely you will love them. I made a selection of my favorites that I hope you like too. This store has many modern and classic clothes, your can trust that their garments are made high quality and that they have the perfect fit for you. 

They have thousands of dresses and you will surely find the right clothes for you. You can be sure that your clothes will be made with the best materials and sailors, they're pieces are made with lot of details with an amazing result. They also have really good prices and sales, so you can save a lot of money in your clothes.  

 Look at these wonderful and colorful pieces. 

I love this dress. The pockets are great and it seems comfortable but girly.

I wanna show you some awesome Evening Wear Jumpsuits 
These are some of my favorite jumpsuits. 
They have many colors, sizes and patterns.

This jumpsuit is so pretty, the color is joyful but it is also elegant and fancy.

This jumpsuit is less elegant, more for daily use, but it also seems more comfortable.

This store has worldwide shipping with guarantee, they have service with DHL and UPS for example, so you can choose a lot of shipping options, incluiding xpress services. With Talever your payment is sure, they accept VISA, Mastercard and other payment options, including Paypal, and a really good customers service, you can ask anything in the process and they will help you via chat or email. 

With Talever you can be sure that they will use the best materials that will give you as result the highest quality in your dress. All the process is made with care. What I really love about this store is that they have many sizes and colors to choose for every piece, which is great because you have more options to choose from and it will surely fit you perfectly. 

They have many categories so you can easily find the garment you're looking for. I really liked the website, it is easy to understand and make purchases also, they have experience and worldwide shipping. You can search the perfect dress for your big day, also you can find a huge variety of styles and trends. It is a store that guarantees quality at a good price :)

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