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by - diciembre 18, 2016

Hi, sweeties! :) Today I have a new collaoration with StyleWe, this unique store where you can find original clothes from unique designers. They have dreeses or all styles and tastes. This time I want to share some of my favorites sections: petit maxi dresses, fashion news and our YouTube. More than a store, StyleWe is a platform and you can find much more than sales, you can find articles, special events, news and unique pieces of fashion  independent designers. I will also shhow you some of my favorite items of this store, so hope ou like this post, let's begin!
Description: If you have a petite body and want to wear a maxi dresses then you need to follow certain tips and you will end up with one of the best petite maxi dresses. You need to choose the dress which is well-cut and fit snugly to your body around hip and thigh area. Maxi dress with V-neck will make you look more lean and tall creating a streamlined effect. You can chose between heels, high heeled sandals or wedges to add some extra height. To choose the best petite maxi dresses you also need to focus on the right details and prints. You should prefer solid colours like black, deep plum, chocolate brown etc.

Personally, I find these petite maxi dresses so beautiful, the are many styles and since I'm a petite person these section is just perfect for me. Was really difficult to choose one to show you, if you go to the website you will surely find a lot of dresses you'll like.

My fave is this one, you can find it HERE. Look at that fabric and color *o* Is just too much beauty in one dress.

The next section is the Fashion News blog. Here you can find a lot of useful articles from fashion to lifestyle and you will surely find a lot of fashion tips, trends and outfits. 

And finally, our YouTube Channel.

You can check our YouTube for new trends, fashion shows, reviews and much more. They have so many interesting and fun videos so yoou can get to know more about the store and true experiences with they're products.

Hope you like this post and visit StyleWe, they have so many interesting articles, beautiful clothes and awesome deals.
Thanks for your visit :)

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